Loving, fun companions


 Focusing on puppies that excel in health, correct temperaments, and beautiful faces.

The Shih Tzu's:

... Loyal Companion Dogs

... Hypoallergenic

... Easily House Trained

... Always HAPPY & are easily Socialized

... Sweet, Lovable and have Wonderful Personalities 

We only have & raise Shih Tzu's.  

Are babies are never caged & they all live with us as a family.

Mothers are 9 to 11 pounds & Dads are 11 to 15 lbs.  

Our girl, Meiling is from a Champion Line.

Our breeding stock has been cleared by a licensed vet for genetic disorders, which we have been using for 20+ years.

Please contact us for available Puppies or Adult Shih Tzu's available.

A small donation will help shih tzu puppies during this COVID-19 era. Please goto the donation tab if you would like to donate.  Thank yo